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September 2013:  Tips, eNews and More!

  kids playing in the leaves kids playing in the leaves
Back to School!

Believe it or not, the first day of autumn is quickly approaching. Autumn is a wonderful season which offers many outdoor and indoor activities to keep you active. It also means the kids are back in school!

Are You in Autumn Mode?

Perhaps it's the shorter days or maybe the self-imposed routine, but everyone seems to be on a mission to get... somewhere. For many of us, autumn feels more demanding than summer. Real or imagined, the added pressure can contribute to stress. While the immediate links may not be obvious, stress and oral health are related. Stress has been linked to bruxism (grinding and clenching), canker sores and even gum disease.

Relax. Breathe. Start your day off with breakfast. Think positively about the day while you brush your teeth and floss in the morning. These two to five minutes can help you to reduce stress as well as ward off some of the effects of on your oral health.

Time for Your Cleaning

Is it time for a cleaning or to have unfinished dental work completed?
If your dental benefits are based on the calendar year, your maximums may not roll over into the New Year. Our calendar fills up quickly this time of year, so we encourage you to call today if you need an appointment before the New Year.

Have a safe and healthy month,

The Team at St. Clair Dental Associates

What is Periodontal Disease?
girl brushing her teeth girl brushing her teeth  

We are told from an early age that daily brushing and flossing is important, but why?

Having a daily regimen helps combat oral health issues like periodontal disease. Infrequent oral hygiene and improper brushing can exacerbate these issues, making it easy for gum infection to occur.

Causes of Periodontal Disease

  • Lack of daily brushing and flossing
  • Incorrect brushing technique
  • Smoking or tobacco use
  • Poorly-controlled genetics
  • Lack of routine checkups or professional cleanings.

  • Click here to learn more about the signs of periodontal disease.

      granola granola
    Breakfast In a Pinch

    Are you looking for a breakfast/snack idea that you can make once and reach for in a pinch?

    Granola is the answer!

    Homemade granola is a tasty and healthy treat that can compliment your breakfast or work as a snack on its own. Making granola at home allows you to control the ingredients and create it to taste, rather than store bought creations that may contain preservatives and fillers that you don't want or need in your diet.

    Click here for some quick tips and a recipe to get you started!

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